Pokemon Pickup Lines

  • Boy: Aye, Yo Gurl
  • Girl: What?
  • Boy: Chill, Chiil. I was just wondering...
  • Girl: ...What?
  • Boy: Oh, well... I've been poisoned in battle.
  • Girl: What? Battle? What are you--
  • Boy: So why don't we share an Antidote in my pokeball tonight?
  • Girl: ...
  • Girl: ....
  • Girl: .....
  • Girl: Let me grab my DS

I love my friends...

  • Boy: Hey yo Gurl! You must be wearing Space Pants because your butt is outta dis world!!
  • Me: Actually, they are Softball pants cuz I'm soooo out of your League.
  • Random people: OOOOOO Snap! You just got buurnnnnneedd!
Hey.I Just Got Here. This Is Crazy. But I’m Here to Enslave Midgard. So Kneel for Me, Baby — Loki